N. Vomero

Fulton Street Software was always there for us, both during and after the conversion.  Their support is superior, immediately addressing any issues that arise.

N. Vomero - CEO, Retired
Seamen's Society for Children and Families

K. Cattabiani

The Fulton Street Software team understands the challenges we face as a NYS non-profit. Asara helps to support our agency’s processes everyday here in the finance department. The team’s knowledge and support is a true asset to SCO.

K. Cattabiani - Fiscal Director - Foster Care
SCO Family of Services

M. Licata

A large percentage of my job is based on using Asara. I have been using the program (previously known as Options) since 2011 and it has always been dependable. The support from the team has always been on point, they address your issues within one day.

M. Licata
Seamen's Society for Children and Families

D. Wallach

Fulton Street and I go back quite a long time. At a previous organization, the team helped identify some billing practices that actually cost us in lost revenues. Reclaiming those, along with excellent support in implementation made the experience great and our relationship with Fulton Street strong. Now, in another organization, they are doing the same excellent work and we look forward to full implementation very soon. Great to work together again John and Kerri!

D. Wallach - Chief Information Officer
Advance Care Alliance

S. Sheikh

Fulton Street Software has proven to be a true partner of Abbott House throughout our journey. They bring keen technical resources, unparalleled work ethics and have always delivered results that have enabled us to meet our business objectives, cost effectively.

Over the last seven years, FSS has shown great commitment, coordination and cooperation to meet the challenges of the foster care agencies. They have delivered an easy to implement and reliable cloud-based software solution, one that requires no special skills or equipment and can handle complex needs. The robust reporting tool has been instrumental for our management team. Their constant and prompt effort of maintaining [the software] to comply with the requirements of funding sources and client agencies is commendable.

We are extremely pleased with the timely support, solicitous attention and technical abilities of the FSS team and would like to thank John and Kerri, especially, for their ongoing support to Abbott House.

S. Sheikh - Chief Information Officer
Abbott House

S. Campbell

We have been in a partnership with FSS since 2011, they have always been there for us. Any identified issues or problems in the system are addressed quickly. FSS staff are always well informed about our agency mission and funding requirements. They truly consider themselves partners.

FSS support is excellent. I don’t have to go through various help desk levels to explain my issue or problem. Once I submit my request, the support team comes back with a solution or a suggestion immediately, 90% of the time within a few minutes. FSS makes it a priority to understand the organization which makes troubleshooting less time consuming.

The FSS team goes above and beyond to meet our needs. They provide their expertise in areas of users training, system support and customization as the need of the organization changes.

S. Campbell - MIS Supervisor
Abbott House

D. Marin

Forestdale made the right decision in choosing Fulton Street. The team helped us replace our old Evolv for DOS system, and with their hard work provided us with a powerful web-based system that covers case management, mental health, foster parent certification, and vacancy control as well as billing and accounts receivable. In addition, the team is continually working on migrating our other programs and expanding our capability to better manage our ever-growing data. Besides being available 24/7, the team is a very professional and dedicated resource enabling us to smoothly transition from our old systems. Their knowledgeable staff have worked with us over the phone and have provided onsite training to fully take advantage of their system. Overall, [Asara] has enabled us to better manage our data and have it readily available in usable form needed for our various reports, ongoing projects, and daily operations.

D. Marin - Senior Systems Analyst
Forestdale Inc.

S. Mack

Fulton Street Software understands the challenges that providers face and the ever-changing regulatory environment. They are constantly working to enhance the software to meet these challenges.

S. Mack - Chief Financial Officer
SCO Family of Services