Billing and Payments

Billing and Payment Tools Just For Social Service Agencies

Billing and Payments

A broad set of features to automate processing while increasing accuracy including easy rate maintenance and retroactive adjustments.

Functions include:
Standardized county billing to streamline the billing process with widely accepted invoice formats
Foster parent accounts and payroll processing to manage pass-thru payments, special payments, recoupment plans and adjustments
Foster Parent Statement of Account providing a detailed statement with each payment cycle
Bill and re-bill for retro activity, rate changes and calculating adjustments
Quickly export all financial data to a spreadsheet for analysis and ad hoc reporting
Financial projections, what-if scenarios and accurate accruals
Full automated ACS billing and import of pre-bill and payment files
Directly linked billing and payment of pass-thru payments to facilitate reconciliation, adjustments and retroactive payments
Aged receivables by county and client within funding sources
Financial activity rolled up by GL account, cost center and period for booking revenue and receipts with full integration in your general ledger
Easily update and duplicate rate changes
Extensive array of financial reports

Offering multiple options

"I am not surprised; it has been an incredibly smooth transition into the 29I residual billing module with Asara. Both months of 29I residual have been successfully processed and adjudicated. There hasn’t been a single issue that prevented Abbott House from exporting the monthly Core billing. I know 1st hand that Abbott House was the 1st agency to export the residual billing; and all went off without a hitch, even with all of the complexity of syncing all systems. I can’t thank you and your team enough for all of the hard work that was put into this project."

Dave Collymore Revenue Cycle Manager
Abbott House

Our agency made the right decision choosing Fulton Street. They helped us replace Evolv with a powerful web-based system that covers case management, mental health, foster parent certification, and vacancy control as well as billing and accounts receivable. They work with us to migrate other programs and expand our capability to better manage our ever-growing data...


Fulton Street Software has shown great commitment, coordination and cooperation to meet the challenges of our agency. Their team has proven to be a true partner throughout this journey. They bring keen technical resources, unparalleled work ethics and have always delivered results that have enabled us to meet our business objectives, cost effectively.

Abbott House

The Fulton Street team is extremely knowledgeable, always available and incredibly supportive! Their response time is remarkable, they really know the industry and staff love working with them. Their knowledge of casework, fiscal and billing coupled with their robust ASARA software makes them a great indispensable partner.


Fulton Street Software was always there for us, both during and after the conversion. Their support is superior, immediately addressing any issues that arise.

Seamen's Society for Children and Families

We look forward to every opportunity to work with the Fulton Street Software team. It's obvious that they genuinely care about delivering the best product for my team's needs, and they deliver!

SCO Family of Services

The team at Fulton Street is great, the best thing I can say is that they truly feel there are no dumb questions. Nothing is to big or small for them to help you get the answer to. Beside that their response time like tony tiger is great...

Sharon Campbell, Abbott House

1 word- Great. The team is always available to help answer any question you have. The response time is next to no other Support that I have worked with! JOHN, KERRI AND THE REST OF TEAM should be knighted or have their own star on the walk of fame!

Dave Collymore, Abbott House

ASARA helps to keep us organized and we are able to retrieve various information needed for our grantors i.e. demographics, # population served, types of services. Without ASARA, I wouldn't be able to retrieve information for reporting purposes with ease. It would require hours of search and cross referencing to ensure we are reporting the correct information...

Christine Rodriguez, Forestdale Inc.

John and Kerri are such a delight. I've been working with them for years and I am truly satisfied with their assistance in all things Asara. Most importantly, I find them to be great assets to Asara and to my program. I love working with Asara and the team. I understand some areas that needs updates are out of their control and it does take time.

Kameya Leung, Seamen’s Society for Children and Families

Fantastic, the Fulton Street Software team is wonderful to work with. They have always given 110% when asked a question and they are very good with explaining new instructions.

Margaret Licata, Seamen’s Society for Children and Families

FSS has exemplary response time addressing issues and ad-hoc reporting requests. Constant improvements to data and system

Danielle Maher, MercyFirst

They are great -- they really know the industry and staff love them -- the combination of their knowledge of casework, fiscal and billing -- along with the software -- makes them great

Renee Skolaski, MercyFirst

I look forward to every opportunity to work with the Fulton Street Software team. It's obvious that John Lertzman and Kerri Medlin genuinely care about delivering the best product for my team's needs, and they deliver!

Marina Obermaier, SCO

Instead of being "vendors," Kerri and John are true and excellent partners. Their ability to fix problems and create custom solutions on the fly is one thing, but their willingness to put in long hours working with our data to ensure we can meet our clients' needs is something you only get from people with their hearts in the outcomes...

MJ Dessables, MercyFirst

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