Meet Asara, powered by Fulton Street Software

Asara was born from the child welfare world and has evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of child and family services. It provides case management support, financial services, dashboard and metrics, giving you the numbers you need so that you can focus on what you do best.

Child and Family Services is About More Than Numbers

We understand that your job is to take care of families, and that behind every data point is a child, a parent, or a struggling family. Each of them is unique, and their stories matter.

Our approach to data management is respectful of the challenges your agency faces day in and day out.

Need a fully integrated solution to manage every touch point, from financial to case management? Asara by Fulton Street Software can do that.

Need to get started with a system that automates exception reporting and billing? Asara is the solution for you.

Need a system that supports internal accountability among your staff? How about software that is nimble enough to allow you to quickly pull out the data you need, when you need it?

We designed Asara to do all that and more.

Asara meets all of your practice and fiscal needs and links with current electronic health records systems to give you the full suite of services you need to meet your mission.

Ease of use, affordability, interoperability – these are the qualities that are important to you – and us!