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12/11/2018 by Billy Lemmtec

Working among child welfare agencies, we’re gratified to see first-hand how much of a tremendous force for good they are: the great work they do, the significant positive impact on families and communities, and the many lives touched. Rarely are there challenges with doing the work. Rather, it is the ability to report on all this important work that can pose challenges.

Workers track notes, visits, and interactions in notebooks, spreadsheets, and required billing software. No problem here – it gets the job done. But these multiple data points and systems fail to capture the quantity and impact of their efforts.

Another worker must spend hours, if not days, exporting reports from a variety of systems to remove duplicates and tally the numbers. There is a misconception that this system eliminates duplicate data entry. In reality, the result is that many workers are spending valuable time doing duplicate if not multiple data entry.

A far more efficient system would be to have one place to record all clients and services.

That’s why we created AsaraTM. Asara allows users to track clients and the various services provided. Aware of the need to enter the services in appropriate billing software, we configured Asara to require the bare minimum data for tracking while allowing the platform to report many services for each client. Overlap among clients and cases is managed.

It is not our goal for Asara to be everything for every service and program. Your child and family services agency supports various needs and provides individualized care requiring specific tracking, billing, and monitoring – all of which cannot be found in one-size-fits-all software. Instead, Asara is a platform that integrates well with others to accomplish tasks that meet your unique needs.

This kind of integration is at the heart of what you do every day within communities and with people. We do the same – except with software instead of social services. We work seamlessly with others, freeing you up to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Why use medical software to track foster care child and family services? Instead, Asara lets you use specialized software for foster care, foster homes, adoption, youth development, domestic violence, and care management all while tracking the multi-services for these clients and others. Clients transition in and out of services, from preventive, foster care, health homes, B2H, and more. Asara enables you to keep all that data in one place. It tracks each client, all services, all workers, and start and end dates.

Every day, you provide the care you can and refer out for specialties. Your software should do the same.

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