Asara User Training

 At Fulton Street Software, we believe that training and support are ongoing.  Our Client Support Team is on call at all hours to answer any questions that arise during the day-to-day use of Asara.  We provide telephone, email, on-site visits and remote user support and training.

We also realize that fitting training sessions into your daily schedule can be a challenge, so we are more than happy to tailor sessions to meet your needs. Early in the morning? Later in the evening? No problem. We’ll accommodate you.

Fulton Street Consulting

Fulton Street’s experience working with industry partners for years allows input and assistance in best practices and standard procedures, efficient operations, and streamlined processes.

Create a special project and include us on your team. We can assist with:

  • Integration of your business procedures with Asara software
  • Review of internal processes and recommendations to leverage software capabilities
  • Industry-wide standard and best practices
  • Standardized practices to facilitate integration among and between departments
    • Financial, program, intake, data entry, management
    • Billing cycles
    • Improve workflow and enhance efficiency

Microsoft Excel Training Options

Fulton Street Software offers specialized classes for those who wish to gain or improve their skills using Microsoft Excel. From creating and modifying worksheets to data analysis, pivot tables, calculations and shortcuts, we help ensure that you are able to use this multi-faceted tool to improve the efficiency of your workflows.

Various levels:

  1. Excel Basic Course: For the first-time Microsoft Excel user looking to learn or for those who want to improve their skills to better use the program in completing daily tasks and processes.
  2. Custom Training Course: Request customized classes based on your business processes and organizational needs. Tailored to suit anyone from the most basic user to the most tech savvy. You set your own pace and course content.
  3. Individualized Excel Assistance: Let us help you with your Microsoft Excel needs.  If you have an existing spreadsheet or need data solutions using the Excel program, we can help you.

Topic Examples:

  • Introduction to Basic Navigation
  • Simple Excel Formulas and Calculations
  • Printing and Workbook Setup
  • Data Formatting
  • Sorting and Filtering Data
  • Charts and Pivot Tables
  • Intermediate and Advanced Calculations using Formulas
  • Protection and Sharing
  • Linking Workbooks and Data
  • Importing and Exporting
  • Improve Functionality
  • Add Security Features
  • Work Efficiently with Multiple Worksheets
  • Create Interactive Worksheets and Templates
  • Perform and Audit Complicated and Custom Calculations
  • Summarize and Analyze Data