Simply filter, select and export data directly from your database

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Reporting and Data Export

Asara provides extensive capabilities for retrieving in aggregate or from the depths of the database. Features allow for user filtering and export of both static and activity data across the database. These features require no technology background to simply filter, select and export exhaustive analytical data directly from their database to their local computer. The open architecture allows for users to connect to their database and compose custom reports, link Excel, Access or other compliant applications to their data.

Functions include reporting directly into a pre-formatted PDF or a spreadsheet:

  • Case management
    1. Adoptions
    2. Foster child data
    3. Adoption data
    4. Child activity
  • Compliance reporting
    1. Foster child data
    2. Goal and task planning
    3. Incidents
    4. Medical and mental health details
    5. Youth development tracking
  • Resources
    1. Certification and re-certification
    2. Compliance
    3. Training, courses and attendance
    4. Home finding and recruiting
  • Client activity
    1. Attendance
    2. Absences
    3. Client rosters, attendance, activity and care-days
    4. Client lists by assigned worker, supervisor, director
  • Financial
    1. Financial calculations
    2. Accounts receivable reporting and aging
    3. Billing data by service period or accounting period
    4. Revenue summary for import into general ledger
    5. Foster parent payroll data for reporting and import into general ledger
    6. Foster parent, daycare and service provider account detail and monthly statements
    7. Cash receipts
    8. Financial data and statistics
  • Extensive data export capabilities
    1. Financial transactions and adjustment
    2. Billing detail and adjustment
    3. Accounts receivable detail
    4. Foster parent account history
    5. Journal entries for revenue and cash receipts
    6. Client data for prescription cards
    7. Foster parent payroll detail for general ledger
    8. Custom form data collection and export