Input, track and report on all child- and case-related information from case referral through outcomes.

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Case Management

Input, track and report on all client- and case-related information from case referral through outcomes. Asara provides entry and tracking of client-related cases and involved people. Maintain the entire family matrix and relationships to children and clients by assigning specific roles to reflect relationships between each person and multiple children.


  • Client activity and status management
  • Detailed and accurate activity tracking for children in care.
    1. Foster child status and detailed movement, activity and Permanency Placement Goal (PPG) tracking
    2. Input mental health referrals, notes and services rendered
    3. View and track caseload assignments and summary data
    4. Enter medical appointments and examination data
    5. Custom export of child, case and resource data
    6. Record and track incident details
    7. Seamless staff assignment and re-assignment
  • Adoption data management
    1. Proprietary adoption task and documentation template
    2. Ad-hoc task and documentation entry and tracking
    3. Adoption data-specific reporting capabilities
  • Youth Development
    1. Track workshop offerings, child enrollment and attendance
    2. Assign youth development workers
    3. Youth development-specific reporting on caseload
    4. Streamlined stipends data export and processing